Facts and Figures

Russian transport infrastructure construction market

Current state

  • Insufficiency and poor quality of existing transport infrastruńcture
    • Undeveloped highways cost the economy > RUB1.3tr or 3% of Russian GDP annually
    • Russia ranks 123th out of 138 countries on the quality of its road infrastructure
    • Only 71% of the total roads length complies with the relevant regulatory requirements for transport and operating parameters
    • 7.1 km of paved road per one thousand people (2-3 times lower than in the USA and Canada)

Comprehensive investment programme and market potential

  • Need for substantial investment in modernization and overhaul addressed by:
    • Comprehensive investment programme developed and being implemented by the State
    • Private investments in the sector
  • In 2016 the size of Russian transport infrastructure construction market was ˝. RUB737.1 billion
  • Highways and bridges, key addressable market for Mostotrest, consistently account for more than 60% of the Russian transport infrastructure construction market.

Mostotrest at a glance

Leading market share

  • #1 in Russian transport infrastructure construction market with 14,6% in 2016 [1] market share, including the results of PJSC “Mostotrest”, TSM, Mostotrest-Service

Experience and track-record

  • More than 85 years of successful operations
  • Constructed more than 6 000 bridges with a total length of approximately 600 km, including over 30 complex transport interchanges
  • Holds over 60 scientific
  • Landmark completed projects:
    • M-4 «Don» Highway km 517 – km 544 segment (N. Usman and Rogachevka Bypass), 2016
    • Businovskaya Traffic Interchange
    • M-11 "Moscow ľ St.Petersburg" highway sections (Vyshniy Volochek bypass and head section km 15- km 58), 2014
    • Kurortny Avenue Relief Road in Sochi, 2013
    • Combined bridge over the Oka River in Nizhny Novgorod, as part of the project to extend Avtozavodskaya metro line, 2013
    • M-4 "Don" highway section (Voronezh bypass), 2013
    • Bridge over the Don River aligned with Sivers Street in Rostov-on-Don, 2010
    • Bridge over the Angara river, Irkutsk, 2009
    • Cable-stayed bridge in Serebriany Bor, Moscow, 2007
    • Pulkovo traffic interchange, St. Petersburg, 2007

Diversified construction capabilities

  • Construction and overhaul of bridges and highways, railways and and railway bridges, airfields and airports, water infrastructure facilities and other infrastructure and non-infrastructure engineering and construction
Presence in the related business segments
  • Design and site preparation, road maintenance and repair, toll-road operation, road concession

Wide geographic coverage

  • Central Federal District
  • Southern Federal District
  • North-Western Federal District
  • Privolzhsky Federal District
  • Siberian Federal District
  • Far Eastern Federal District

Financial highlights [2]

  • 2016 Revenue: RUB 175.2 billion
  • 2016 EBITDA: RUB 18.1 billion

Consolidated backlog

  • RUB 419.0 billion as at 31 December 2016


  • Transstroymekhanisatsia (84%)
  • Mostostroy 11 (25.002%)
  • Mostotrest-Service (60%)
  • Plexy Ltd. (100%), which owns a 50% stake in North-West Concession Company
  • Russian Highway Operations B.V. (50%), which owns 100% stake in United Toll Systems
  • 15 branches across the country

Number of employees [3]

  • 30,794 employees

Source: Company data, EMBS Group estimates, public sources

á1áĐalculated as volume of works carried out with the own workforce less other revenue divided by the total transport infrastructure market according to EMBS Group Report.
2 Mostotrest’s Consolidated financial statements under IFRS for 2016
3 Average headcount for 2016