Scientific research

During the implementation of major projects Mostotrest typically conducts research and development activities related to the improvement of technologies and processes being used. Scientific research is carried out by the Company’s experts or independent third-party organisations (research institutes). Mostotrest has a strong track record of successful and fruitful cooperation with the leading Russian research and development institutes and companies such as the Central Research and Development Institute, the Research and Development Institute "Bridges", the All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Railway Transport and, the Central Research and Project Centre of Building Metalware, OAO Giprotransmost, OOO Soyuzdorproekt, OAO Transmost and OAO Mosgiprotrans.

Since 1992, Mostotrest has been a member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (the IABSE), an organisation created to promote the international exchange of technical knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering. Since 2003, Mostotrest has been a member of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors (the EFFC), an organisation created to promote innovations and improving expertise and maintaining high technical standards, safety and innovation. Mostotrest regularly participates in seminars and other events arranged by the IABSE and the EFFC.