During the construction of infrastructure projects Mostotrest uses sophisticated proprietary technologies, in line with  best international practice.

Mostotrest aims to be at the forefront of technological developments in its industry and has an in-house R&D facility.

Key technologies utilised in Mostotrest’s construction operations include:

  • technologies used for modern bridge construction, including the construction of bridge bearings, concrete in-situ pre-stressed bridge structures, reinforced concrete bridge structures, and steel and steel concrete steel bridge structures,
  • construction technologies for constructing bridge foundations, including deep laying using driven or drilled pylons and water retaianing walls;
  • construction technologies for quay structures and shore protection; and construction technologies for bridges with high pylons and large spans.

Mostotrest has developed several proprietary technologies. Company has about 60 patents registered in Russia, relating to the longitudinal launching of reinforced concrete span structures, joined steel reinforced concrete span structure of bridges, manually assembled inventory scaffolding and bridge support blocks among others. These technologies aim to increase labour productivity, reduce the consumption of materials and associated costs and also to reduce Mostotrests dependence on non-Russian suppliers.

Construction of a massive foundation and piers

Excavation of foundations under the protection of steel sheet pile walls, including those laid directly in river stream

Construction of bored piles, drived piles, sheet piles and diaphragm walls

Bored piles are used in deep foundations with significant loads on piers

Heavy lifting

The technology used assures accuracy during lifting of structures and subsequent installation

Cable-stayed bridge construction
The construction of cable-stayed bridges is required when long-length span structures are installed without temporary piers
Installation of span structures using the floating systems

Floating systems are used widely in the installation of large bridges

Balanced cantilever assembly of steel bridge structures
The span structure is assembled using consoles without scaffolding
Installation of steel and steel concrete bridge structures using longitudinal launching

Used in the construction of bridge structures across rivers or at the conjected conditions of site

Construction of concrete in-citu pre-stressed bridge structures

Construction technologies: concreting on site using continuous scaffolding; concreting section by section on permanent false work with subsequent launching of a completed section of the section‐by‐section balanced concreting using movable scaffolding