M-11 Moscow Saint Petersburg Highway Torzhok Bypass in Tver Region Opened to Traffic


PJSC Mostotrest (Mostotrest) together with its subsidiary TransStroiMekhanizatsiya (TSM) completed construction of the new km 208 – km 258 section (the Torzhok Bypass, Tver region) of the federal highway M-11 Moscow Saint Petersburg. The new section was opened to traffic on 15 December 2017.

The road section was built within the framework of a long-term investment agreement between the State Company «Avtodor» (Avtodor SC) and Mostotrest, and constitutes the fourth stage of construction of the M-11 Moscow - Saint Petersburg Highway. The route passes through the Kalinin and Torzhok districts of the Tver Region, bypassing the town of Torzhok. Originating in the area of the village of Mednoye, the new road merges, at km 258, into the Voronezh Bypass, an already operational segment of the M-11 route.

Work on the project was launched in 2014. The contract scope included construction of 3 split-level traffic interchanges, 26 elevated structures, including 4 bridges and 19 overpasses on M-11, 2 overpasses as part of traffic interchanges, an overpass over the Mednoye-Kulitskoe-Kievo road, as well as 5 game passages. The new section design speed is 150 km/h, which corresponds to highway category IA. Traffic on the section is toll-based.

The long-term investment agreement between Avtodor SC and Mostotrest was signed in December 2014. The total cost of construction was RUB32.3 billion, including VAT (government financing of RUB27.1 and contractor co-financing of RUB5.2 billion).

The km 208 - km 258 section will become part of modern and efficient high-speed road transport infrastructure linking Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which will redirect transit traffic beyond 55 settlements. The new M-11 Moscow Saint Petersburg Highway will run from the Moscow Ring Road to the Saint Petersburg Ring Road. The highway has a total length of 669 km. The route will pass through the Central and Northwestern federal districts (the Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions), bypassing all settlements. Completion of the M-11 Highway will enable switching traffic flows between the existing M-10 Rossiya Highway and M-11.


TransStroiMekhanizatsiya (TSM) is a subsidiary of PJSC Mostotrest. TSM specializes in construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure, such as highways and airports. The Company operates in the Central, Southern and Far Eastern Federal Districts of Russia. TSM is the main executor of the Moscow Saint Petersburg Toll Highway sections construction projects and the M-11 Narva Highway sections reconstruction projects; is currently rebuilding the airports of Sheremetyevo, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk and Norilsk, and building and rebuilding the M-4 Don, M-9 Baltiya and M-10 Rossiya highways.

PJSC Mostotrest is Russia’s largest diversified company in the field of infrastructure construction, present in all key and related market segments, and is a participant in the first-ever public-private partnership projects in Russia. According to the independent industry consultancy EMBS Group, Mostotrest had a 14.6% market share in transport infrastructure construction in Russia in 2016.

The Mostotrest Group core business segments are construction and reconstruction of bridges (including road, railway and city bridges), highways and other transport infrastructure, as well as road maintenance, repair and operation services. In 2012, the Group further diversified into the road concessions management segment.

The company was founded in 1930 for the construction of extra-large and special grade bridges.

Currently, Mostotrest is involved in a number of complex transport infrastructure development projects, such as the construction of several sections of the M-11 Moscow Saint Petersburg Highway, construction and reconstruction of sections of the M-4 Don Highway and construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.

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