Đonstruction progress of the Northern Moscow Businovskaya Traffic Interchange (2011-2015)

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Shooting date: Autumn 2013

Project Profile:

  • 1.61 km highway segment
  • Traffic way: up to 10 lanes
  • 2 flyovers
  • 3 overpasses, including a railway overpass
  • 6 exit roads with the total length of 9.19 km, flanked by 14 flyovers with the total length of 3.5 km
  • Rearrangement of engineering tie-ins

The interchange will be built on the pre-toll segment of the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Highway and in the future will become an integral part of the Northern Link – a through highway crossing Moscow from East to North, bypassing the center.

The interchange will minimize traffic flow intersection points, in particular, by offering unidirectional flyovers and acceleration lanes, and will significantly boost the traffic junction throughput capacity.