The section of the Fourth Transport Ring between Shosse Entuziastov Highway and Izmailovskoe Highway in Moscow (2008-2016)

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Shooting date: October 2013


  • Approximately 12km of engineering structures;
  • 4 lane, 4km section of the Fourth Ring Road with a 1.7km overpass;
  • 11 slip roads and entries with total length of over 5 km;
  • 4 underground and 2 over ground walkways;
  • A section of the Severnaya lateral road, including interchanges with Shosse Entuziastov, a slip road and access to the Fourth Ring Road, with 2 overpasses through the small 2.5km ring railway;
  • 5 track railway overpass;
  • Large-scale reconstruction of heating systems, water lines, gas pipelines and other utilities.


  • With regards to its technical complexity the construction of the Fourth Ring Road is one of the most ambitious transport projects undertaken in Moscow;
  • Construction of the main road has been conducted along the existing Maloe rail ring without stopping rail traffic.