The motor road section from the intersection of the Garden Ring with Novy Arbat Street to the intersection of Mozhaysky Highway with the Moscow Ring Road (2012-2014)

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Shooting date: November 2013

Project Profile:
· A six-lane flyover (three lanes in each direction) with a total length of 2 km;
Three-lane side roads along Mozhaysky Highway with dedicated lanes for public transport with a total length of 2.5 km;
5 underground pedestrian crossings;
43 entrance and exit sections for public transport.

Project Specificities:
The longest flyover at Moscow exit highways;
The application of the knee-gateway unit has accelerated the installation of the flyover superstructures. The Maurer modular expansion joints have been used during the construction of the flyover, which reduce impulse noise arising from the movement of vehicles thanks to the diamond-shaped elements welded on top.