Asphalt concrete laying on the head section of the M-11 «Moscow – Saint-Petersburg» Highway (15 km – 58 km)

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Shooting date: October 2014

The first section of the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Highway in Moscow region will decrease traffic density on the M-10 Russia Federal Highway and ensure accessibility of the Sheremetyevo international airport and Moscow's suburbs, such as Khimki, Dolgoprudny, Skhodnya, Zelenograd.

The project includes 5 road junctions, 39 bridges and overpasses, a highway over 43 km long and up to 10 lines wide, 3 pedestrian underpasses, 1 rail bridge crossing and 5 wildlife passages.

The construction is carried out in strict compliance with Russian and international environmental regulations and standards.

The new road section is expected to be opened to traffic in December 2014.