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Northern Moscow Businovskaya traffic interchange (2011-2015)
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video-close Northern Moscow Businovskaya traffic interchange (2011-2015)

History and awards

World War II
Bridge over Don River at Sivers str. in Rostov-on-Don (2010)
Zhivopisniy bridge over Moskva River in Serebryany Bor (2007)
Bolshoi Obukhovskiy bridge over Neva River (2007)
Road bridge over the Angara River (Irkutsk, 2009)
Bogdan Khmelnitskiy pedestrian bridge (Moscow, 2001)
Oka River cable-stayed bridge (Murom, 2009)
Internal Control

Company news

25/05/15   First meeting of newly elected Mostotrest Board of Directors held
At its first meeting the newly elected Board of Directors considered election of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Corporate Secretary of the Board of Directors.
20/05/15   Mostotrest clarification note re the terms of the public offer
Any shareholder, regardless of his/her inclusion in the shareholders’ list as at a specific date, is entitled to present shares for redemption.

Industry news

28/04/15   New underpass opens at the Dmitrovskoye Motorway-Moscow Ring Road interchange
Sergei Sobyanin attended the opening of a new underpass and a railway overpass built as part of the Dmitrovskoye Motorway-Moscow Ring Road interchange project.
01/04/15   The new Volokolamskoye Motorway elevated section is scheduled for completion this year
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin inspected the construction of a new elevated section of Volokolamskoye Motorway at Proyezd Stratonavtov.