Company news

03/12/18   Volga bridge in Dubna commissioned
The bridge was built in the shortest possible time.
28/11/18   Segment of M-5 Ural federal highway in Moscow region to be upgraded by year end 2021
The project is scheduled for completion before November 20, 2021.
23/11/18   MRR / Volokolamskoye avenue intersection traffic interchange reconstruction project
Mostotrest has been awarded the contract as the sole bidder in the corresponding tender.

Industry news

25/01/17   How overpasses and elevated motorways help connect Moscows districts
Overpasses over railways help speed up traffic and increase safety. In addition, the construction of new elevated roads will help link districts separated by railways.
28/09/15   City opens overpass at Volokolamskoye Motorway-Stratonavtov Prospekt interchange
It took nine months to build the 750-metre overpass.
04/09/15   New flyover opens at MKAD-Ryazansky Prospekt interchange
The new 168-metre flyover channels inbound traffic from the anticlockwise direction of the MKAD onto Ryazansky Prospekt.