Upgrade of the Otkyabrsky tunnel under Kaluzhskaya Square completed
Upgrade of the Otkyabrsky tunnel under Kaluzhskaya Square completed

Moscow City Government, June 18, 2015
Sergei Sobyanin has visited the Oktyabrsky tunnel and Kaluzhskaya Square to see the results of a major repair and upgrade programme.

“A wide-ranging modernisation of road structures is underway in Moscow. In the past few years, eight facilities have been modernised and work is in progress on another four. Today, the modernisation of the tunnel under Kaluzhskaya Square was finished. The Oktyabrsky tunnel was built over 50 years ago has not been upgraded since. So it was in urgent need of repair,” he said.

The 507 metre-long Oktyabrsky transport tunnel was built in 1961 as part of the Garden Ring modernisation programme and has not undergone major repairs since. The tunnel’s extensive operation and the high traffic intensity have worn it out.

The tunnel’s repair began in April 2013.

“Extensive work was done to replace the structures, lighting and utility lines, and Kaluzhskaya Square, one of Moscow’s oldest, was upgraded. A comprehensive upgrade programme was carried out here, with lighting fixtures replaced and new pieces of outdoor furniture and equipment installed. So one of the city landmarks has been improved, and I believe that it will be comfortable, safe and a source of joy for Muscovites and out-of-town visitors for decades to come,” he said.

Floor slabs were replaced and a new insulation system was installed; ferroconcrete supports, retaining walls, and tunnel and ramp sidewalks were repaired; the road surface and side stone were replaced; and utility lines were relocated. The tunnel walls were lined with Fronton wear-resistant decorative material, and the railings of the retaining walls were coated with polished granite.

The good-quality lighting and attractive exterior of the Oktyabrsky tunnel have significantly enhanced the comfort and safety of traffic. After the upgrade, the tunnel can safely operate for the next 40-50 years.

The tunnel was repaired without traffic being closed (with a temporary reduction in the number of lanes from three to two in each direction).

The logical final step of the tunnel modernisation programme was the comprehensive upgrade of Kaluzhskaya Square, which was carried out between February and May 2015. It involved repairing the fountain; planting trees (76) and shrubs (over 1,100); making lawns (6,900 sq m) and flower beds (160 sq m); and installing lighting fixtures (99), benches and rubbish bins (82). Walking lanes and small squares were built: 9,600 sq m were paved with granite tiles, 311 sq m were covered with asphalt and concrete, 403 metres of granite kerbs were laid, and 77 sq m of granite steps were installed on the stairs.

In addition, four bicycle parking areas, two four-sided street clocks, information stands and signposts were set up, as were small granite barriers to prevent the unauthorised parking of motor vehicles.

In all, a high-quality 1.9-hectare public space was created on Kaluzhskaya Square

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